About Me

Welcome to my site!


This is a very basic website for showcasing my art and my rambling thoughts. It’s where you can get in touch if you would like to purchase any paintings, or if you just want to follow my bloggy writings.

So, about me…

I live in the north of England, UK, along with two teenage children, husband and cat. I have been playing with art ever since I was expecting my first child 18 years ago. It is a release from the pressures of every day life, a meditation. Now my children are older I have more time to paint and as the house is rapidly filling up with my artwork I decided to share with the world.

I mostly paint with acrylics but also play around with watercolours, pens and pencil. I love bright colours and drawing from nature.

My blog writings are just words that spill from within and, if I think I can bear to reveal them then they are shoved on here, wrapped up in a pretty bloggy bow for you to take or leave as you wish…

I hope you enjoy looking around and I welcome any comments or questions. My facebook and Instagram links are in the sidebar—->. Please do come and find me over there and say hello.

Kate x